How to convert from Integer to String in Flow Service?

Like the title said, how to convert from Integer to String in Flow Service?

I once tried like this: in a MAP step, the Pipeline In has a Integer variable. I linked it to a Pipeline Out’s String variable. But it doesn’t work.

Is there any built-in functions that I can use?

Hi bromo,

have u tried to use toString service in WmPublic package.
try this as a transformeer in a map step.


Are you sure it is an Integer in the pipeline? Where is it coming from?

I can’t found any built-in service called “toString”.

It came from SELECT SQL Adapter Service where I had set the Result Field value and the Result Field Type is set to Integer.

The easiest thing to do would be to set the Result Field Type to String. There usually is no reason for the integration to use data types other than string.

Hello bromo,
in addition to what reamon said, you can use the service WmTransformationServices:IntegerToString

I agree with you for that situation, but what if you’re facing a situation that you don’t have any choice to choose the result type?

I cannot find this service. It’s not stated in WebMethods Integration Server Built-In Services Reference documentation either. Is this a custom service or a new service? FYI, I’m working on WebMethods Developer v7.1.3.

I know that we can create a Java Service to do the conversion, but I hope I can find a solution without using Java Service.

Hi Bromo, I put in attach the transformation package.

(Attachment removed by moderator. This site is not to be used for distributing webMethods-supplied packages.)

That is fairly rare. I can’t recall a time when the choice was not available during initial development. Obviously it’s more difficult to change once established and other components rely on that data type. My rule of thumb: use string unless there is a specific reason not to. My usual exception to this rule is date/timestamps.

In the case where one must keep the original data element as a type other than string, the transformation services others have mentioned are helpful.

You will use a Java service regardless. Whether or not you have to write one is the question. :slight_smile:

Thanks reamon for your feedback.

Just little curious, why I don’t have the WmTransformationServices package while some other people here have it? Is this package only available for newer version of WebMethods IS?