How to convert a string of values into a list of values

I’m trying to convert this string: {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9} into a list of values 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9.
I have created a java service, but I am getting these brackets as well, could you please help me out?
here is what i have done, your advice is always beneficial.
Thanks in advance.

this is the java service which is getting a string and returning a list

this is the first map of my flow service

this is the 2nd map of my flow service

and this is the result i’m getting


Hi @hmafzal ,
Have you tried checking the built in services especially the pub.string services ,,
You may not need to write a java service.
You can use the pub.string:substring to remove the { symbol at the first index , followed by pub.string:tokenize passing , as an delimiter.



Hi @hmafzal,

This could be solved in many ways, it is on the logic that you want to get your string converted to a list of elements.

If you are sure that every time your input is going to within { } then you could trim that off in your java service, just like this input = input.substring(1, input.length()-1);

Try and let me know if it works as per your expectation.


Hi Sreekhanth
I’m really thankful for your reply.
it is working like a charm.

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Thanks Nagendra

Glad to see you used split instead of tokenize. The tokenize method has behaviors that you likely do not want.

Regarding calling demoStrToChars is there a reason to call that using a transformer? Not an issue per se, but often people use transformers thinking it has behaviors that do not exist. We have a convention where if the transformer is the only item in the MAP step, don’t use a transformer. Just invoke the service. Improves readability.

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