how to convert a document list to string list

i have a documentlist which contains different documents.

final tolist contains
tolist[0]…some values
tolist[1] …some values
tolist[2]…some other values(another document)…


i need all the values inside a document with string lists.

can any one help me plz…

Set the indices or go through list and append services in public package ….

If you could provide a little more detail about the structure of your source document and your requirements, we could probably provide some better feedback.

There are different methods of mapping a source list to a target list. For example, you can simply use a MAP step and allow the IS to perform implicit looping. You can also use a LOOP step and specify the Input Array and Output Array. You can use the append services or indices within a LOOP as suggested above (not recommended for larger lists). Finally, you could also do all your looping and mapping within a Java service.

Which option is best for you would depend on your requirements.

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Initialize a StringList

use Loop step and give your documentList in InputArray and give StringList in output array, use documentToXmlString and map output of this service to defined StringList.

come out of loop and map this stringList to a document whcih contains StringList under it.

my developer is not working for java services, however i’ve installed JDK 1.5 and tomcat(apache),so whats the procedure to wth it???

Hi ,

Did you provide classpath details for key element “watt.server.compile” in the settings—> extended from Admin console.

I am adding one more check point.

Verify the version of the JVM in server.bat file ? Is it JDK_1.5 or not.
you have installed the JDK 1.5, if both are not pointing to same version,
will not compile the Java services