How to connect different database using Java services or flow services

Hi ,
We have different database and I have to write java services to connect them. What are classes should I need to invoke. And I need to ensure proper exception handling for connection failure. Tanks in advance.

Check the adapters documentation which has comprehensive materail on connective to different databases.


Tanx for reply , Its new Database and not in the adapter list…

which DB u want to connect? is it supported by JDBC drivers??

Tanx for reply, I don’t no the database name, but in this week we are gone have task to develop java service to connect different database. I Just wanted to know is there any common class or methods which I can connect the database or load the drivers.
Like driverManager.getConnection(“Connection Name”) or Class.forName(“Dirver Path”).

I would strongly suggest not writing Java services for this. Use the JDBC Adapter, even if the database is not officially supported.

Thanks for suggestion…