How to clone the alarm widget from GitHub

Hi Team,
I have to modify the Alarm Widget to meet my requirements, so it’s possible to clone the Alram widget from Cumulocity or software AG GitHub available for this widget code.
How can i customize alarm widgets or how to clone the alarm widget, how to utilize my cumulocity application?

Please help me.


the page you are referring to is not open source and is also still based on angular JS code.
If you want to adjust this page, you would have to rewrite it from scratch.

However, if you would just want to e.g. add elements to the action bar, you could use the available hooks for that. If you need to adapt the main content of the page, this probably won’t help you.

If you want to adjust the alarms themselves, you might be able to utilize alarm mappings.


Hi @Tristan_Bastian ,
I should add two or more fields in the yellow marks to the place. Is it possible? How can I achieve this? Could you please tell me?

This is not possible. You would have to rewrite this from scratch.