How to check whether a Service works in clustered environment or not..?

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 How to check whether a service works in a clustered environment or not..? 

In detail where can I find documentation of clustered environment java services. 

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Whether or not a service will work in a cluster depends upon:

  1. What type of cluster is being used. There are several possibilities.
  2. What the service is doing.

The general question you’ll want to ask yourself when looking at a service is: “What will happen if this service is running at exactly the same time on another IS instance?”

Hi, when you have Integration Servers clustered you must have 2 reals IP, one for each cluster and one virtual IP. You can check in each real Integration Server ip if your service works. Maybe the webMethods_Integration_Server_Administrator’s_Guide_7_1_1.pdf can help you. I think in page 200 or 300 aprox. Regards.

Thank you very much… sure I will look into those documents.