How to check if an input port is connected in a custom block

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Detailed explanation of the problem: While creating custom analytics block with multiple inputs, how to check if wire is connected to an input port of the block, so that as per connected input port, operation/ processing can be performed. Input type is some measurement values not Boolean.

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@Harald_Meyer ,
Please suggest.

I’m trying to create a block with 5 input ports and the processing should happen only if input port is connected to wire.
Similar to AND block


You can use $base.getInputCount(inputName). This returns 0 if no wire is connected to the input port.

So if your process action looks something like following:

action $process(any $input_myInput1, ...) { ... }

You need to call the action with name “myInput1” → $base.getInputCount("myInput1").

See the bullet points towards the end of the page -



Thank you @Gyanendra_Singh_Baiswar

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