How to check global variable on webmethodIS

Hello there is currently my work

How can i check how many global variable that i used in my flow service ? it is so hard to check that one byone

or can i check by command line that list global variable i used in my flow service

Please any advice thank you

In the command line, you could search your package directories for flow.xml files.

Testing a sample flow service that uses a global, I see the following in the xml file

<MAPSET NAME="Setter" OVERWRITE="true" VARIABLES="false" GLOBALVARIABLES="true" FIELD="/testGlobal;1;0">
  <DATA ENCODING="XMLValues" I18N="true">

<Values version="2.0">
  <value name="xml">%GlobalVariable%</value>

So you could use a text search tool like grep to search for map steps containing GLOBALVARIABLES=“true”

There’s an easier alternative to this. Go to your IS page → Settings → Global Variables

Alternatively, if you are on IS version 10.7 and above, you can also get a list of global variables from the REST Admin API, invoke
GET /admin/globalvariable returns the list of all global variables.
Refer Integration Server 10.7 Admin API for a full list of supported operations.

But neither the admin UI or the API tell you what variables are used in Flow services, which was the original question.

Thankss ! that was i looking for

yes thats how check all global variable, cant tell me which global variable i used in flow service

thank you, but thats how to get all global variable, cant check which variable i used in my flow

I created a java util service to get the list of global variables used in a flow service. IS package is attached.
Let me know if this helps. (15.4 KB)

1 Like has been updated to get global substituted variable and pipeline substituted variable. Here is the new package (16.4 KB)

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