How to change widget default title option as "hidden"?

Hi Team,
I have custom widget i want hide the default title in my own widget.


What do you mean by ‘default title’? The title which is automatically set when the widget is added to a dashboard? If yes, this is part of the dashboard functionality. You can change the appearance and styling for each widget when adding it to the dashboard, e.g. hiding the title:

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Hi Christian,

Thanks for the response. Yes my question is whatever in the title hidden radio button, how to set default option in hidden?

Thamizharasan P

Hi Thamizharasan,

unfortunately, it isn’t possible to have the title hidden per default when adding a new widget to a dashboard. This is part of the core and can’t be configured within Cumulocity.

It’s only possible if you are building custom dashboards using the c8y-dashboard component and adding widgets to it in your code, e.g.:

<c8y-dashboard (dashboardChange)="dashboardChange($event)">
    *ngFor="let widget of widgets"
      'panel-title-hidden': true
    x: {{ current.x }}<br />
    y: {{ current.y }}<br />
    width: {{ current.width }}<br />
    height: {{ current.height }}<br />

You can find examples in the tutorial application, which has a section dedicated to the dashboard components.

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