How to change the JDBC Adpt Connection for a Service

I am new to webMethods and I just realized that “out of the box” I am unable to change the JDBC Adpt Connection for JDBC services. Is there anyway, officially or unofficially, that this can be done?

I have a large number of JDBC services that I need to update and if there is a way to do this without having to recode I would love to hear about it.


HI Mark,

The JDBC Adapter serive is tightly bind to the connection, its not possible to change the connection related parameters.As of now there is no way out all the connections related objects are encrypted and stored.



Officially, Prabhu is correct when he says that the JDBC services are tightly bound to the JDBC connection. But, I have developed a way to inspect the encrypted properties of a JDBC service and modify the connection, and all the other properties, that are used.

I am planning on writing an ezine article outlining my solution, but if you are in a tight spot I can provide you something sooner.

Karl Ullrich


is your tool also able to change the connection of a JDBC adapter object? I have a lot of JDBC Adapters and I want them to use different connections.