how to Change the IS port


I know we can change the port info through the Administrator or by typing -port on the command prompt.

But, I want to know if I could do this by changing any configuration file.


Hi Sunny,
From “change the port info” do you mean to be able to change the IS primary HTTP port from say xxxx to yyyy or you mean just changing the port xxxx characteristics?

Yes, I mean changing from default to say 6666 (Considering this port is available)

Hi Sunny,
You cannot change the IS HTTP Primary port by changing any configuration file. You have to use the IS Admin UI or may be programmatically using the services from the WmRoot package (not recommended).



Can you tell me how to remove a port thats beeing used. I removed the default ‘5555’ port in the ‘Administrator > Port’ - restarted the IS - But when I do the netstat, I see 5555 still being used. I also get the message in the server log - “listener 5555 already used” - Note that I am starting my server on a different port by using ‘-port’. Even then for some reason its checking this 5555 port…Cant understand which file the server.bat is refering to.


Please don’t cross-post. Someone has already responded to your other post on this issue.