How to change app-builder URL to custom browser URL in App-builder code?

Hi Team
I have created app-builder project and i want custom browser URL in app-builder code.

Thamizharasan P

Please provide more detail on your use case.
What is current URL and expected URL in browser ?

Current URL: localhost:9000/apps/app-builder/index.html#/application/appid/dashboard/dashboardid
Expected URL: localhost:9000/apps/my-name/dashboard/dashboardid

Thamizharasan P

Hi Thamizharasan,

If you create App Builder app by providing context path(while creating app) then you will get custom URL like below:


Please note that app creation using context-path is not supported on localhost.

This is app is a copy of your app builder binary therefore any future changes in app builder will not reflect in app(which is created using context-path) unless you re-create it.



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