How to call the webservices through internet browser

Hi All,
I am new to webMethods. Can you pls provide me the solution for my query.
How to call the webServices developed in webMethods through internet explorer? ie. (outside world).

Below is the location of webservice connector in webMethods

can you pls let me know the correct URL to call the webservices.


Web services are not called from a browser. In general another application (which might have a web-based UI) posts a SOAP request to one of the SOAP URL’s on Integration Server (either /soap/rpc or /soap/default).


Mark, thanks for your quick reply. I just dont know what should be the SOAP URL to call the webService. For example, say I create simple form web application to send webservice request through HTTP Post. What should be the URL to be set in the form action.

Review the SOAP Developer’s Guide for this information. You’ll find the guide in the Developer/doc/guides directory.

Typically, you would be using some SOAP client API code in the browser (JavaScript,AJAX, Perl, PHP, Java, some .NET language, etc.) to make your webservices call.

In addition to the SOAP Developer’s Guide that Rob recommended, you might also need to read up on how your web programming language of choice makes SOAP calls. Ba-zillions of books on that over-hyped topic.

If you just want a quick way to test web services provided by IS, download a free copy of CrossCheck Network’s SOAP Sonar personal edition, point it at a WSDL and execute the test cases it generates.


Thanks Mark and Rob for your suggestion. Appreciate your response.