how to call the service from the browser using universal name


Can we call a service fron the browser by typing the universal name in the url.
If so i have tried it but not sure .it’s not working


You can invoke Flow services from a web browser. To see the URL syntax open your service in Developer and use the Test->Run in Browser command.

You can not invoke a document/literal or soap/rpc web service from a browser, unless you have built a web page that allows you to paste in the soap message to be submitted to IS.


Hi Mark!

how to invoke a service/document or Http-post/http web service from a browser how to build a DSPpage that allows you to copy the values say the service is addInts to be submitted to IS.I will clearly state:
I have a DSP that takes inputs for addInts service say 2 numbers how to map the DSP to that webservice.Then IS has to execute and return the results in a DSP/output template.How can i do that!!
please help me


I believe your question has already been addressed in your other recent posting here->




Please see the WmSamples package,look in dsp folder few samples.It should help you drive.

BTW use the %invoke% tag for calling flowservice in dsp and you should pass the 2 input values from dsp inorder to addInts work.


i asked u about invoking a service using it’s universal name(namespace name+ local name).i know how to call a service from the browser but using it’s universal name i dont.
can we call like that .



You don’t invoke web services from browsers. Web services are invoked by posting a soap message to the soap endpoint for that service. The endpoint is simply a URL at which some process is listening for soap messages.

The IS soap processors use one URL for soap-rpc style web services and one URL for soap document/literal style services.

The universal name settings in a Flow or java service are used by the default soap processor to determine which service to invoke when a document/literal soap message is received.

So, in summary, the universal name properties are only used by the default soap processor to determine which service to invoke when a document / literal soap message is received.



thanks mark