How to call a IS flow service from a standalone Java program

Hello all,

can anyone tell,how to call a IS flowservice from a stand alone java program.What are things needs to be done?
I have searched in the previous posts,but i couldnot find out the relevant info.That only says how to call a flowservice from the IS java service.


You can generate a WSDL for IS flow service you have. Using Eclipse (or some similar tool) you can generate stubs and skeletons based on WSDL for a flow service. This will give you all get-set methods, using which you can invoke a flow service in any Java code.


You would first need to connect to IS server. From the standalone get the context. Then use connect method to connect to the server.
Signature is connect(“server IP:port”,“username”,“password”);

Then u can use Service.doInvoke to call the flow service
its signature is
Service.doInvoke(“full path to service”,“service name”, “IData as input”);

Ashish Arya

Thanks for replies.
Do you have any sample code which will full-fill the requirement?
My IData input will be a XML file.

Thanks in advance

In Developer, you can generate the code needed that will connect and invoke the service and receive the results. Refer to the documentation for details.

If I remember correctly, the same question has been asked and answered before. Rob if I’m not wrong, you posted the reply with java code.

In any case… use the friendly search function :slight_smile: