How to call a flow service from different IS

Hi Friends,

can u pls tell me how do i can a call a flow service which is located in another integration server.

Thanks in adavace.

you can use this BIS service pub.remote:invoke to invoke flow service from another IS.


try this http://IS server:IS Port/invoke/service namespace

also check the ACL if any


It can be done in 2 ways.
1st:From Browser
By using follwing url http://IS server:IS Port/invoke/service namespace

Also make sure you have the proper acl to invoke the service.
2nd way:By using pub.remote:invoke methods.
To use this make sure you configure the 2nd IS as a remote server for 1st IS otherwise it wont work

Service.doInvoke( );can any one of u please tell me how to set the parameters for this method.