How to avoid wm::is client group for IS Broker doc types ?


I have a requirement to have Broker document types without starting with general starting client group "wm::is::. For eg. I want to have a Broker document type as x::y::doc. I created IS document type ‘doc’ under folder structure x->y. So the IS document signature is x.y:doc and when I made it publishable, the Broker document type was created as - wm:is::x:y::doc

I can create a new client group with x, but I cannot edit the Broker document type while creating or after it got created. How can I avoid starting client group wm::is::. Can anybody please help ?


Create the Broker document using WmBrokerAdministrator or the new MwS-based admin tools. An IS-trigger can subscribe to that doc type so long as the IntegrationServer client group has subscriber permissions. Of course to publish that doc type, IS client group would need permissons for that as well.


Thanks Mark.

Now I could create Broker document types and their corresponding IS document types without regular prefix wm::is.

But while creating the document types in My webMethods Server (I’m using 7.1.1 version), under Messaging->Broker Servers->Document Types, I used ‘Add Topic’ button under Document List and chose ‘At Broker’ (the other option is ‘From Naming Directory’). And when the document type got created, the description was “Used by JMS clients when publishing messages to topic Clients::RetrieveCtiInfo::Response.” (Clients::RetrieveCtiInfo::Response is the doc type I created.) But when I created IS doc type for it, the description (Used by JMS clients…) is getting disappeared. I am not sure why the ‘Topic’ option is only there, but not ‘Queue’. As far as I remember, for all document types in earlier versions of webMethods, queues are used. Now I am not sure how this ‘topic’ makes difference. Even if it does, does it affect my handling of pub-sub from IS ? or internally within IS-Broker ?

Could you please throw some light on it ?


You should not be defining JMS topics/queues if the only thing you wish to do is create a broker document.