How to assign a role to the user?

First I have installed IS,Optimize for infrastucture,TN,MWS then created db tables for these components using Database configurator, in which I have selected the option “ALL” & “create”, so all the necessary tables get created successfully. (All the tables created in the same schema)

Using TN console, I am able to create the enterprise profile & partner profile. I have used “Administrator" id & created the profiles.

In MWS also we can create the enterprise profile & partner profile & processing rule etc.

So I have logged in as a “Administrator” in MWS, when I clicked Integration–>B2B, it throws invalid credential exceptions.

Then I have created one user called “TNTN” in system directory. Since I have created user TNTN in system directory, so MWS assigns the new user to the My webMethods users role.

I read the MWS admin guide, then I logged in as a “SysAdmin” into the MWS, then I added “TN Administrator” role to “My webMethods user role”.

Then I logged in as a “TNTN” to MWS then I clicked Integration–>B2B and I got the following exception in the server.log

[ISS.0053.0002C] Access denied for user SAMLart on port 5555 → ‘soap/rpc’ from
[ISS.0053.0002C] Access denied for user TNTN on port 5555 → ‘soap/rpc’ from
I would like to point out still I haven’t created “TNTN” user in IS.
Kindly suggest me, how can I get into MWS witout above or any errors & perform TN tasks.

The following point I read in MWS admin guide,

Adding a Role to the My webMethods Server Users Role
To grant those users who are identified by the roles you created access to My
webMethods, add the roles to the My webMethods Server Users role.

adding “roles” to to the “My webMethods Server Users ROLE”.
Confused about this statement, adding a role to another role :-(.
Why, can’t we add role to the user or a group directly? I referred 7.1.1 guide page number 64.


Hello Reamon, can you please me on the above request.