how to add string variable to pub.Storage.get output value(Returning document value)

I have created the storage using and put the values using and in some placce of my code i have called
It is returning the value as document and im not able to add the string variable(key value) to this.
Can any one help me to get the Key_value as string from



when you test the service in designer you will receive the complete output of the service.

Add the variables in the output signature of the service under the document and map them to the output pipeline of your step.


As a design suggestion, go with Cache services (put and get) to store and retrieve configuration data. It is available OOTB from v8.2 and above.

I agree. Don’t use I’ve seen many implementation problems with those services. What’s the use case?


Its working fine with your suggestion.
Thank you Holger.