How to Add KPIs to one Business Process in webMethods 8

Hi All,

using webMethods 8 version i created one business process and one KPI for the same.

but unlike wM 7 we don’t have Business Overview Tab in wM 8 due to that i am unable to add the KPI to my Business process.

kindly let me know.

vinod kumar

In webMethods 8 after developing KPI’s we can add to a Business process as show below:

1.Navigate > Applications > Administration > Analytics > Overview
–>Add your own configuration
–>Give Configuration name
–>Click on “Shared” check box

—>Add your Business Process
—>Add your KPI to this business Process.

Save it

once this is done.

test the business process/Execute the business process.

then in Monitor under Analytical overview you can see the performance of KPIS.

Vinod Kumar Ksheersagar