How to add custom fields in API Gateway Analytics?

We are using API Gateway 10.5.

I have an incoming payload (JSON). Want to know how we can add custom field in API gateway analytics summary.

Want to extract an orderNumber fields from JSON and display it in gateway analytics summary tab

Sample Json:

“OrderCreateRequest”: [
“orderHeader”: {
"orderNumber": “O-1234”,
“shipTo”: “2222”,
“requestedDate”: “XXXX”,
“purchaseDate”: “XXXX”,


Hi Amit,

Below are the steps to add custom field to transaction events.

  1. Create webMethods IS service by specifying the pub.apigateway.utils:customFieldInTransactionEventSpec as a specification reference.

  2. In the webMethods IS service, set the required custom fields in the customFieldsMap output variable.

  3. Invoke the API Gateway API with Invoke webMethods IS policy configured with the above mentioned IS Service.

  4. Once you follow above stpes, customFieldsMap gets created via Invoke IS Service and the custom fields will be available in the transactional events.

Please follow the above steps and write logic in your webMethods IS Service to extract the orderNumber from your payload and to add the extracted value to the custom fields.


Gateway is on 10.5 and native service is on IS 9.12

Hi Amit,

Yes you need to follow the above mentioned steps on API Gateway 10.5 if that’s what you are asking.