How to add a link into the MWS' "Navigation > Applications" tree?


I’m making some PoCs and stumbled on a question: where is/are the best (or more appropriate) place to add links [to processes’ “start form”]?

Elaborating a bit more: as far as I understood, the processes designed in the Designer (pun intended) are meant to be triggered by a “receive” event (even the “Start” step is a [document] “subscription”). And from that moment onward, all user tasks are meant to show in the user’s “inboxes”. In other words, there are a place where these objects (tasks, subscriptions) can be located: canonicals are hosted in packages (and hence are accessible through Designer), tasks get listed in the users’ inbox.

However, I haven’t found any place to make the link to these forms (forms that kick start a processes)

I did ponder about having these forms hosted elsewhere. But in my case, I would have to bother on constructing another user access control. Why not leverage on the existing MWS’s user managing features (roles and groups)? And right then I stumbled on the initial question: where make the link [to the form(s)] available? Is possible to add to the “Navigation > Application” tree? Does anyone knows how to do it?

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.



Just found how to add folder/pages/portlets into that “Navigation” tree: just follow the instructions on (for wM 8.2 case) 8-2-SP1_Administering_My_webMethods_Server.pdf, page 345 (“About Customizing the My webMethods Navigation”)…

However, the original question is still open. I look forward for you thoughts.