How to Access SharePoint site via Microsoft Flow

HI folks,

I’d like to access my SharePoint site via Microsoft Flow to begin using it to build workflows.

I have a farm with multiple sets of servers (e.g. 2 for SQL Server, 2 for WFE, 2 for OWA, 2 for Central Admin, etc).

Which set of servers is recommended for the Gateway install and further can be Gateway be setup as a farm of the farm solution (meaning it is installed on 2 servers and only one of them have to be available)?

I just want to make sure that if the Gateway is added, it is the same failover process as the rest of the SharePoint services.

Any help would be Appreciated

Thank you

Users can still use Sharepoint sites not listed by typing in the using the desired Sharepoint site URL as a custom value.

  1. Select “Enter custom value”.
    Sharepoint screenshot in Flow

  2. Get the sharepoint site URL
    You can find the Sharepoint site URL by going to the desired site in Sharepoint and copying the url from the browser. Make sure you have access to the Sharepoint site.
    You can also use any URL from your Sharepoint site. The Flow designer will clean up the URL once it is pasted in.

  3. Type the Sharepoint URL directly into the dropdown text box.
    Sharepoint screenshot dropdown long url
    The Flow designer will clean up any URL and point it directly to the Sharepoint site.
    Sharepoint screenshot with short url
    The dropdown should fill in the Sharepoint site automatically. Please make sure you have access to the Sharepoint site.

I hope this information will be helpful!
Ben Martin