How to access data in a published doc from a subscribing service

I have a simple pub/sun scenario where service1 publishes document1, which is subscribed by service1. However, when service2 is invoked I do not know how to access data in the published document1. I am sure this is simple but it escapes me. Any suggestions?


Its simple,in the subscriber(service2) of ServiceInput use the documentReference(published document1)here use the documentname as (fully qualified document path for example:folder.subfolder:documentName).
So when the document publishes to Broker then trigger will inturn deliver document to subscriber(service2)input as told above will extract the data from the pipeline further down you can map accordingly.

For testing this scenario as a first step invoke the savePipelineToFile and later restorePipelineToFile and make sure the pipeline has the publishable documentReference holds the data.