How show Message in the Portlet.

Hello Guys:

I have one requeriment that consist in Show a Message in display before execute one service.

I have to take the out of service and show the user in a windows popup or un message alert.

Can you help me please?

Regards, Thanks.

I’m sorry, but i don’t really understand the use case. Can you provide a simple sketch / picture to show what you’d like to see? Also, an ordered list of actions would help as well.


Hi mimel

I have a portlet that has fields that serve as input for service-IS and I have my service that generates a folio number.

**What I need is the result of the execution of the service is displayed in a popup.

I have the idea that Java code is needed but not how to do this, another possible solution would be to link my portlet to another but I could not link portlet’s.

Can you please help me.

I recently built this same scenario out for a demo. Here was my approach:

  1. I already had a form created that had a link / button to refresh an IS service.

  2. The results of the IS Service (in your case the Folio number) was placed into a Modal Dialog

  3. The Async Command Link/Button in #1 had its refresh property pointing to the Modal Dialog in #2 as well as the toggle property also pointing to the Modal Dialog in #2.

Here’s what should happen: When the user submits the Async Command, the IS Service is invoked. The Modal Dialog (which is hidden by default) is refreshed and now contains a valid result from the IS Service. After the Modal Dialog is refreshed, the Modal Dialog is toggled Open which displays the results.


Hi mimel:

I appreciate very much your attention, I will try what you suggest and I will be discussing my results :slight_smile:

Another question you will know as I could navigate between two different portlets have read some forum about gotoPage method but I have not managed to implement in my project could you give me guidance on how to use this method please.

Mr Ivan_Terrible, I’d like to recommend that you investigate taking some of our training. Specifically the course: webMethods 8 CAF UI and Portlet Development would be very useful and would provide some of the important CAF development fundamentals including a variety of options to your recent questions.


Hi mimel:

Ok I understand and thanks for your time and attention by the way I managed to solve the problem of displaying the output of my service in a dialogue box which was hidden, thanks for the support.