How should Integration Monitor really work?

Is there documentation for troubleshooting ATC integrations using Integration Monitor 2.0 and related tools. There is no Help provided. Is the User guide available on this site?

If you download the Enterprise Integrator User Guide v4.5.x there is a section on the Integration Monitor.

A general answer is a guide, many pages. I have been involved with ATC integrations and the technology from its inception and can perhaps help answer specific questions.

Something general I can say. ATC-based integrations can be built incrementally in a way that ensures they should work, and that problems surface in specific ways. When built this way the overall issue of support (monitoring, troubleshooting, analysis) is modest. webMethods has guidance on best practices that should help in this regard. I suggest strongly that you access their best practices literature, if you have not already.

Mark Thomsen
Alodar Systems, Inc.

Thanks everyone.