How set subscribe for client using C#

I am looking for a tutorial or documentation on how to subscribe to selected topics through a console application written in C#. I just started my adventure with Cumulocity IOT , so I would like to ask the community for help. I want to program a website that will use the connection to Cumulocity and display information from the machines.
Thank You.

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Hi Adam,

can you share some additional information about your application. Do you use the C# Microservice SDK or have you implemented your own client? In case you don’t use the SDK, how do you connect to Cumulocity? Is it via REST API or MQTT? What do you mean by subscribe to selected topics? Do you mean MQTT topics? Or do you want to subscribe for notifications on specific domain objects, such as alarms or operations?

How do you want to implement your own website? Have you had a look at the documentation about the Web SDK for Angular or Web Client itself?

Best regards

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