How PRT finds processes that should receive a message?


I have a problem in understanding how a certain aspect of the PRT works and would be grateful for an explanation.

Assume we have some process models which all use native wM pub/sub for document publishing (both the start docs of the processes and transition docs). Further assume that

  • some process models have an intermediate catching event receiving the doc type MsgDoc (this means that the subscription trigger of the process receives,among others, instances of MsgDoc)
  • each process model has its own correlation service used to correlate instances of MsgDoc to process instances

The service called from within the subscription trigger is the same for all triggers: it is the dispatching service from the PRT.

And now the question:

Assume, an instance of MsgDoc has been published (and received by the subscription triggers). How does the dispatching service know which correlation services are to be called (in order to know which process instances are to be activated)?

Thank you


It’s all inside the IS process package’s config/wmprt/.xml

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