How Oracle clean up buffer table for insert notification ope

I have Oracle (Intelligent) running - 4.1.1 with wM Ent Broker 5.0.1. I configured an insert notification operation to select all the columns when 2 of the columns (say A and B) are not null. I notice that the buffer table that oracle adapter automatically created behind the scene is populated everytime a new row is inserted regardless of whether or not the column A and B are Null or not null. Then the rows with A and B not null will then get published. However the rows that didn’t meet the condition stays in the buffer table.

My question is when will those rows get deleted? Will they ever get deleted?

Thank you.

Did you use for publishing documents inside your integration component a PUBLISH or OUTPUT step?

I experienced a similar problem. I solved it substituting the PUBLISH step with the OUTPUT step.

Let me know if it works also for you.