How many IS servers we can cluster in webM 7.1.1 ?

With webM 7.1.1

Prashant, Great question.

The vendor owes me the same answer. I believe they are running performance tests now to show the performance of 1 node, 2 node cluster, etc. in the 7.1.x product.

But, you should follow up w/ your Sales lead or Engineering contact.

We tested running web services against a cluster of IS’s fronted by an external load balancer. First we used one IS to see throughput levels, then added another IS, ran tests, added another and so forth.

We saw no clustering overhead at all, meaning that after having added the 8th server to the cluster, we got 8x the throughput compared to running with just one server.

We did not test any other functionality.


We have 4 IS clustered on Solaris boxes in Production. However, we are using 65 SP3 IS. Works great !

Can anyone throw some light / experience of what have they tested with regards to 65 SP3 version for clustering ?