how many IS connect to a broker


I know that single Broker server can contain as many brokers as we want.
But, for a broker how many IS we can cofigure?

Many ones. As far as I’m aware, there is no theorical limit.


Its more like One to many and many to one.

One IS can connect to one and only one Broker.But one broker can connect to multiple IS.

Simple. And try to open the IS admin console and also the Documentation.


One broker can connect to number of IS… (unlimited IS)

To be precise, Broker does not connect to anything.

Broker clients (such as Integration Server) connect to Broker. There is no theoretical limit on the number of clients that can connect to a Broker.

As others have noted, Integration Server can be connected to just one Broker.

Also make sure the client group and client prefix are unique for each IS connecting to the broker, something like A2A1, A2A2, B2B etc…


For making it more precise but even more complicated (sorry for nitpicking :wink: )

Having client groups and prefixes distinct depends on the usage.

Different client goups enable better control which IS can receive which data but makes administration more difficult, so having the same client group for all IS or a group of specific IS may be better imho.

Client prefixes define the queue and therefore should be disitnct if the IS shall work independently. Different IS may share the same prefix/queue for a kind of simpe load balancing, from such a shared queue one of the IS using the same queue will pick up a document.
In case of an IS cluster the client prefix must be identical.

To clarify even further… :happy:

With IS clustering, as described in the IS Clustering Guide, the client prefix must be the same for all IS instances in the cluster.

However, it is not required to use IS clustering to use the same client prefix on multiple IS instances. I usually refer to this as “Broker client clustering.”

The “rule of thumb” we used was 100 Integration Servers per Broker (acknowledging that any one IS can, and often does, have multiple Broker connections/subscriptions).


I have configured my ISs and Broker same as mentioned in this message, like client prefix are identical for all four nodes. But two of the nodes using different client prefix and remaining two are using different client prefix. I have also compared the configurations file messaging.cnf and all the values are identical. Can someone please share your thoughts on this, about how can I mitigate this issue?

Thank you

Hi @Ashika_Borad1,

there is in general nothing wrong with your setup. One Broker can be used so serve multiple IS / BPM clusters.
In your case with the two different client pre-fixes you have two clusters share the same broker to share the events.
What I can not tell is if that was your intention. What is your issue?

Hi @Holm_Steinland3,

Thank you for your response.

I’m using the same broker for a cluster of four ISs. All the configurations of broker connection are identical, client Id is also identical for all four ISs. So, the issue is among this four nodes couple of ISs creates different Client ID (Default One, Other than what I have configured).

Hi Ashika,

Can you please send the screenshot of the issue that you are facing. That will be more helpful.
Please send screenshots of configuration details from IS > Settings > Messaging in addition to the screenshot that show the problem.

As noted before:

  • Any number of IS can connect to a Broker
  • One IS can connect to only one Broker for native triggers.
  • One IS can connect to any number of Brokers for JMS triggers.
  • Multiple IS can be configured as cluster using same client Id and any one of the IS can process the message.