How in import a customize class to Java Service in Integration Server

Hi folks, i designed a class in another project before. Now, i would like to import this class to Java Service. May i know where should i place the JAR file?

Ronnie She Chien Wei

Hi Ronnie,

if the jar is only to be used in few services in one package the jar should be placed in the code/jars directory of this package.

If it has native parts it should go to code/jars/static directory and the native part should be located under IntegrationServer/instances/default/lib directory and should be executable by all users.

When native parts do not apply simply reload the package, when native parts are used, you will have to stop and restart the IS.

When there are other packages using this jar, you can mark them to be dependent on the package containing the jar.
IS will then take care that the packages are loaded and activated in correct order.