How implement governance model through centrasite

Hi All,

So we are at that point in our journey where we now need to implement centrasite as our governance tool.

What is the best and simplest way to go about in putting to productivity?


That’s rather a big topic…could you describe the environment you are working with a bit more? There are many ways to implement governance and usually the “right” way depends a lot on the environment that you are working with.

CentraSite provides a frame work to implement your governance model. You have to decide on the policies, taxonomies and life cycles that are appropriate to your organization.

Hi Doug,

Well, to make it simpler, we a Level 1 in terms of maturity; in that there is no generic governance currently however we do realize the need for it and are taking steps toward improving this.

We have recently acquired the whole SAG stack IS, Broker, Rules Engine, Blaze, ESB etc… we have existing web services that were being used prior to the SOA movement. We have a lot of native systems and point-to-point communication that we are looking to bridge and will be integrating into on a project by project bases.

We also have different domains who will be requesting and providing services; as well as a BPM layer that is currently being setup. So its very busy currently as projects are already commencing.

I dont know if i have answered your question but this as best I can describe my environment.


Governance model is built on company needs and organization.
I have some experiences on Centrasite SOA implementation. Perhaps we could have an end to end discussion.


Hi William,

That would assist me in the most unimaginable way.

Sent you an email.