How get rid of the TLD-ErrorMessage when starting IS?


One of my packages contain some JSPs to be used with the WmTomcat package.

When restarting the IntegrationServer, there is an error message indicating an issue with loading the webm-taglib.tld:

2019-07-18 19:05:12 CEST [ISS.0028.0012I] WmTomcat: Startup service (wm.tomcat.admin:startup)
2019-07-18 19:05:14 CEST [ISS.0100.0008I] Starting tomcat server
2019-07-18 19:05:14 CEST [ISS.0100.0008I] This service has already been initialized
2019-07-18 19:05:14 CEST [ISS.0100.0008I] Starting Servlet Engine: Apache Tomcat/6.0.41
2019-07-18 19:05:14 CEST [ISS.0100.0008W] The XML schema [javaee_web_services_1_2.xsd] could not be
found. This is very likely to break XML validation if XML validation is enabled.
2019-07-18 19:05:15 CEST [ISS.0100.0008I] Dual registration of jndi stream handler: factory already
2019-07-18 19:05:17 CEST [ISS.0100.0001C] Web Container started
2019-07-18 19:05:19 CEST [ISS.0100.0009E] Error processing TLD files for context path /web/BeP_xxx
:javax.servlet.ServletException: Exception processing TLD at resource path /WEB-INF/../../../../web/
webm-taglib.tld in context /web/BeP_xxx

I have checked the directory structure and the TLD is located under instances/default/web.

Current Environment ist wM 9.12.
Application has been migrated several times, last migration was from 7.1 SP2 to 9.5 SP1, this time the issue came up during ongoing migration to 9.12.

I am aware that WmTomcat package is considered deprecated since wM 9.10.

I remember that in earlier releases it helped to delete the context under instances/default/web/work/WmTomcat/localhost/web_BeP_xxx and restart IS, but this seems not to work any longer.

Any ideas how to get rid of this “Error processing TLD …” message upon restart?

Does anyone know an easy trick to convert the JSPs to DSPs?
I want to avoid that we have to migrate this part to ApplicationPlatform.