How does cumulocity store binaries for events?


I played with the operation c8y_UploadConfigurationFile and figured out, that each response uploads a new binary via
POST <<url>>/event/events/<<eventId>>/binaries.

How long do they remain in cumulocity? Or are they cluttering up the platform?


Hi Artur,

Cumulocity provides the functionality to create retention rules, which define when specific domain objects should be deleted. But they don’t apply for anything which is stored in the file repository or the inventory. Therefore, files remain in Cumulocity as long as you don’t delete them.

Best regards

Hi Artur, Hi Christian,

event-binaries get deleted as soon as the related event gets deleted as well, either when manually deleted or deleted through retention rules.

Regards Kai


Thanks for the correction, Kai.

@artur.toews in this case, you can use retention rules and define the time interval how long the c8y_UploadConfigurationFile events and their corresponding files should be stored in Cumulocity.

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