How do you issue start and endTransaction in an integration

Scenario: Integration component A (connecting database A) is publishing several events/documents which will be used for as inputs for Integration component B (database B). I don’t want to create several integration components to be triggered by these documents individually.

I was thinking about using join adapter but I’m not sure because all the document are not necessarily there at run-time.

So I was thinking about using start and end transaction feature of the adapter. But have no idea how to implement A and B.

Any idea/suggestion/tips/tricks?

Or I’d appreciate if you can point me to any documentation that will tell me how to do it.

Thank you.

Is the publisher publishing different events
or the same event? A component can only subscribe to at most one event. If the events are different you will have to have multiple components on your target adapter. If you use the startTransaction and endTransaction events then you can have different components on the same DB adapter receive the different events and it will treat them as part of a single transaction.