How do u configure IS to connect to broker?

if any one knows replyfor this

Please review the documentation.

Through WmBrokerAdmin


In MWS under Message link you will find the option to confgure broker

I installed IS 7.1.2 and broker. I started the BrokerServer and BrokerMonitor in NT services also. I checked in Admin > Messaging > Broker settings, it is connected.

But if I do [url]http://localhost:5555/WmBrokerAdmin[/url] from the browser, it is not working. I know I can try from MWS, but why not from the browser?

Please suggest


Broker Admin is available from MWS only.

WmBrokerAdmin is no longer provided. As Mark indicates, MWS is now the administration tool for Broker.

WmBrokerAdmin package is deprecated in 7x. Either use MWS to configure Broker or install WmBrokerAdmin package in ur IS and then u can use WmBrokerAdmin page to check the broker status

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