how do i use centrasite assets from JSF application

Hi All,

I have Developed JSF application which is deployed in Jboss, i need to use centrasite assets(flow services, WSDL and restful service) which is already depolyed in it, i have gone through the JAXR API, i have imported all jar files in JSF application, but am not able to connect to centrasite, can you please help me in code steps to get assets from centrasite.

anil kumar ellendula

did you already check out the documentation here:

In case you get any errors please post them here


These documents you have referenced in the URL are no longer on the Empoer/Software AG web site. I would like to find this information. Where might I look?

It also appears the examples have been removed from the site as well.

Any help would be appreciated.


I may have found them… are these the documents that were referenced in FCS, but are now GA?