How do I load IDataXMLCoder file to publish (instead of Load/Save in Developer)?

In Developer if I go to a publishable document and click run, it prompts me to populate a new document to publish. On this screen there are options to save/load.

If I save I can see that it creates an XML file with a root node of IDataXMLCoder. Later I can load this to save me typing it all in again. Great for testing.

But now I want to scale this up and do something different. I want to author these IDataXMLCoder files outside of Developer, and then load them in from a flow service which then publishes whatever it finds inside. This should make bulk testing much easier.

The question is: How?

I am hoping there is a pub flow service that loads these files, but I can’t find it.


Ok, i have accomplished this by using:

  • pub.file:getFile
  • pub.string:bytesToString
  • <custom java service I found lying around called stringToDocument, that uses IDataXmlCoder object>

This can be achieved by pub.flow:restorePipelineFromFile. You need to provide physical location of the file and invocation of this step will add the IData object in the pipeline, which can be further used in the Flow.


Still relevant to designer…you can use load values from file at the beginning of the run/debug a service…while in thread you can use restorePipeline/File…there is one more thing.not known to many…you can inject pipeline/idata from string using IDataXMLCoder.