How do I convert a string to a clob

I am trying to do a simple SQL Insert into an Oracle database table that has a field of CLOB data type. I would like to be able to accept string or XML data to insert into this field with an Insert SQL adapter service. How can I convert a string to the java.sql.clob data type so I can do this?

We are using wM 6.1 and v6.0.3 of the JDBC adapter.


You do not need to convert the String data to a CLOB. In your JDBC Insert Adapter service, make the data type for the CLOB field a String. The JDBC Adapter will do the necessary conversion for you at runtime. Also, please note that you’ll want to use the OCI driver for your JDBC connection.


Hi chris,

I have a string datatype to be inserted in a database clob field. I am using a JDBC thin driver instead of the OCI driver. would webmethods take care of the typecasting internally even when I am using the thin driver?
Please suggest some typecasting which might be needed to make this insertion possible.