How do I change the location of the storage files

I’m trying move our broker to a new server. Currently, the config files are pointing to the E: drive and I need to change them to the D: drive. When I use the server_config storage command it says the file already exists and will not overwrite. I’m performing this on the new server. Should this be done on the old server before moving the files?

Ideally the broker storage file should be separate from the broker installation and should reside on a SAN. If its on SAN you can move anywhere keeping in mind that its mounted / shared with same application path.

Are you working on production specific environment or development?

The setup we have was done by SAG when they were on-site. I got around the issue by having our server group create an E: drive since there was no way to preserve the data and change the location.

Did you got the answer for this query?

This is very old thread. That time, path was hard-coded and it was not possible to change the absolute path except for a hack solution involving some developer diagnostic options to ignore absolute path and use only the file name.

Since 9.6, Broker supported “server_config relocate” command option to change the data directory. This will allow administrators to migrate to any new path, including moving to E: from D: as asked in original question.
Refer to Broker Administrator guide for more details on relocate option.