How could wM Broker be a JMS provider for a Java application

After a few days searching, I decided to post my question here.

Could wM Broker really be a JMS provider for a Java application?

My question starts with wM Broker naming service, which is not supported in production based on documentation. As a result, we need to have JDNI provider in the middle between Java application and wM Broker. Sun file system JNDI provider could be a candidate. To do so, how could we create a or .bindings file out of wM Broker JMS Admin objects, if we configure the queue/topic in MWS?

JMS Adapter was used before wM IS 7. We are using wM 7.1.2 and will be on 8 next year. If there is no way to have generated against wM Broker objects, the Broker could not be used as JMS provider for a outsider, I would think.

Any insights and experience, please share. Thanks in advance.


Just give an update on the question I posted before to share with you guys.
Here is the latest the news from AG, which overwrites the following ticket issued in 2009.

wM build JNDI is supported in production environment starting wM 7.1.2.