How configure soap/default for external partners

I’m trying to do a POC if external partners application can send us a soap message to wM. We have a RI server that receives the message which then route it to our internal wM server. I created a simple flow service and generate a WSDL to provide. I’m using soapUI to confirm if it works or not. The endpoint that it’s using is https://host/soap/default However, it doesn’t appear to be executing the IS flow service.

SoapUI is spiting out an error of " host.

Has anyone successfully configure their environment to receive soap message from external partners?


Are you using http(s)://host:port/soap/default?

From your error, I see that the request is not even reaching the IS. If it did, you would see a different error.

I have done a lot of work on default soap processors, feel free to send me an IM with any questions you could have.


We have a RI gateway and does not need a port. Basically, our RI gateway will send to our internal wM server. So, the endpoint is https://external_ip/soap/default. Right now, it’s not invoking the IS flow service. It’s probably that we don’t have our RI port setup correctly to allow external partner to invoke that endpoint.


Either your request is not reaching the gateway or the gateway is not correctly configured to reach your IS.

  • Hara

Well, I know our RI is configured and connected to our internal wM servers because we’re receiving XML and EDI from external partners. Having external to send soap data is the challenge. BTW, we’re using v6.5.


Have you tried hitting your IS straight from SOAP UI? Did that work?

  • Hara