How configure a JDBC Connection for Netezza IBM?

What product/components do you use and which version/fix level?

WM 10.5

Are you using a free trial or a product with a customer license?

I have a customer license

What are trying to achieve? Please describe in detail.

How can I configure a Netezza connection in IS?

@Jesus_Carrillo1 Integration Server isn’t formally tested/certified with the Netezza IBM database so you won’t any information on that. Please see if you want to create a brainstorming ticket for the same so that it can be taken up in the upcoming release(s). However, if you want to go ahead and give it a try, then please go through the IS Administrators guide where we have explained how to configure MySQL CE (where the drivers) have to be configured by user to use it. Similarly, you can give it a try for the Netezza IBM database.

Let me know how it went.


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Also when you say connection, do you mean using the JDBC Adapter or do you mean to user for a core wm feature via JDBC pools.

The former is allowed, the latter won’t be supported

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Ive tried to configure a connection with information about Netezza online. Ive got the jar for Netezza connection (nzjdbc.jar) an put in softwareag/IntergationServer/instances/default/packages/WmJDBCAdapter/code/jars and then I’ve restarted the server.

Then I configured the connection like this:
Server name, user BD and port are valid information. When I tried to enable the connection this error appears:

Ive done a telnet between servers and ports and connection is OK.

Hi @Jesus_Carrillo1,

The JDBC Adapter is not certified with the Netezza database. Please raise a feature request via the official channels using Software AG Empower.

Suresh. G

The error being reported is not necessarily a compatibility issue and if the driver is JDBC compliant then the adapter should work.

Looking at you message, it reports “connection refused”, so I would refer to the log on the DB side to see why it refused the connection.

Also have you tried connecting to the DB via a client app using JDBC, does that work ?

Lots of databases allow you configure a white list of accepted IP addresses and I have often been caught by that when trying to setup a connection, so I would definitely look at the DB side before giving up.


As I said in my other post, I could connect to database server with java service. So, should we suppose that is a JDBC Adapter webMethods issue?

looking like it I’m afraid :frowning:
You could try raising the logging level for the JDBC adapters from the admin portal under logging → logging settings → Server Logging.
Often there are perhaps additional parameters that are required in the network protocol or other field.

What driver version are you using ?

I found this article concerning JDBC issues with the Nzjdbc3.jar -unexpected-error-during-test-connection-connection-refused-connect

You could try adding this to the other properties field


as the article indicates that the nezza driver incorrectly uses a property called Database and NOT DatabaseName as per JDBC setup.

Might work, might not, worth a try :wink:

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