how can i use xsl-fo

i would like to create pdf files from xml document inside the database.i’ve read s fo example(an xsl file),but i don’t know i can
use this xsl with tamino . how can i call it?
have i load it to tamino?


unfortunately, the XSLT server extension delivered as an example with Tamino 4.2 does not support e.g. usage of FOP,
as it uses the TRAX API in order to drive a style sheet processor of your choice.
However, you might use this server extension as a starting point to create a server extension of your own which drives FOP.

Best regards

hi Ulrich Post ,
i 've downloaded fo(i mean fop.jar and other package) and i’ve done an example ,trasforming an xml file to a pdf file. but how can i obtain an istance of my schema loaded into tamino and its reference(i mean its directory) ?