How can I use reply step?

Hello Everyone,

I have made 1 Business process which contains doc as an input.I have also made one publish service in the Developer which publish the doc to the Broker,From the broker RECEIVE Step of the business process get this document as an input,I get the process execute successfully now I want to get output of the process and return it to the developer.

How can I do that? Is there anything else to do it.

If anybody has any idea then please inform me.

Thanks in Advance,
Istiyak Vasiwala

You may want to try publish step and then use a trigger in Developer to get the document back.

Hi dear,

If I change in Receive step’s property as Advance–>Implementation–>Receive Protocol to Simple Service (For Synchronous Reply) then how can I give input to the receive step.

I published input document from developer in this matter but no document received by the Receive Step in Business Process coz of that steps are not working.

I mean how can I give document to the Receive step?

Thanks in Advance,
Istiyak Vasiwala