How can i upload files in task ?

Hi All,
I want to upload file in a task view. I did as below,

Firstly, I go to the navigate view, right click the application (task project), select property. Then navigate to ‘project facets’ select ‘CAF JCR client’.
Secondly, I create a public folder named ‘attachmentPro’ under Public folders in MWS Adm view.
Thirdly, I drag and drop ‘Task Attachments Provider with JCR’ to Binding. and drag and drop Attachments List to task view. Then set its Attachments Provider to task attachments provider with jcr which I created.

We I went to a task instance, I got the errors as below,
[POP.018.500.Attachments] JcrAttachmentsProvider does not have a valid JCR session

Can you tell me how I can make the task with attachment work well?


Are you able to upload file to Task ?