How can I make JDBC call with connection on seperate ART IS.

I have a unique situation in which I am trying to have a separate IS for JDBC Connections. So I created the new JDBC IS with Adtapter RunTime and JDBC Adapter on it.
Now from my main IS (where the flow services and data services resides) I want to call the JDBC connections from separate JDBC IS(ART IS). Is there anyway I can do it? I was able to call the JDBC connection and services from same IS but from another server I am not able to? Any idea on this?


You have a couple of options. You can use the remote invoke services to directly invoke the JDBC services from another server - see the pub.remote:invoke built-in service in the Built-in Services document.

If you are using IS 6.0 (or 4.6 with the WmEnterprise package), you can also set up a Broker and use it to communicate between the two servers. Set up a document type containing the data you want to use in the JDBC request, have your JDBC server subscribe to it and perform the request, and set up another document type that can be returned as a reply. More details on this can be found in the Building Integration Solutions document.

Both of those documents can be found on this site or in the Developer doc directory.