How can i know the destination id by running publishable docType for deliver service in Designer?

How can i know the destination id by running publishable docType for deliver service in Designer?

I have a publishable document type, I want to know the destination id for deliver service in pub-sub model.
I followed the below thing

Right Click on Publishable DocType --> Run As --> Run Configuration
Here it has to show Actions tab. but i am not able seethe action tab.
In action tab i can select deliver to a particular client option.

Suggest me…

If this is JMS, the destination is the topic you use for pub/sub.
If this is native oub/sub, there is not destination.

In both cases the receivers are specififed by creating triggers (or JMS subscribers in other code).

Hi Akash,

IS can connect to only 1 broker natively so there is no requirement of destination. pub.publish:publish publishes to broker. Any client of clientGroup [which is mentioned in broker configuration] can subscribe the document.

In JMS you need to mention connectionAliasName, destinationName, destinationType[Queue/Topic] during publish.

I am sure whether you are comparing the functionality of webMethods designer with other middleware development tool, that’s why you have put:



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Thanks for ur responses,

                     Even though we can connect to a single broker, we need to mention destination id (trigger id) in "pub.publish:deliver" service. how can i get from the designer.

Thanks Akash,

I did not think of deliver service. Yes, it is a good question how to get destinationID/ClientID in designer [As developers have no access to admins screens].
Please post if you find the answer.

[Although we can get it from MWS, if roles are assigned appropriately to developers].


If you use the deliver service it needs a destination to deilver to, that results out of it’s functinality. As there should be a reason to use deliver instead of publish, you should be aware where you want to deilver this message. If not, you prabably choose the wrong service.
The destId and what it is, is describer with the service in the Integration_Server_Built-In_Services_Reference. Further details to be found in the Publish_Subscribe_Developers_Guide.


Please follow below steps to get client details.

MWS–>Administration–>Messaging–>Broker servers–>Clients

Hope this will help you.

from the documentation:
Usage Notes
You can use the pub.publish:deliver service to deliver a document to a client on the Broker.
You cannot use pub.publish:deliver with Universal Messaging.
To view a list of client IDs on the Broker, use the Broker user interface within My
webMethods or use Designer to test the publishable document type that you want to
For more information about how the Integration Server and Broker deliver documents
and for information about building a service that delivers a document, see the Publish-
Subscribe Developer’s Guide.
If outbound client-side queuing is disabled (the wa?.server.publish.useCSQ property is
set to “never”), Integration Server throws a ServiceException if the Broker is not available
when this service executes. Make sure to code your service to handle this situation.


Can you try providing the NameSpace of the trigger in the destID during your publication …!!
And please post the outcome.

• pub.publish:publishAndWait
• pub.publish:reply
• pub.publish:waitForReply

works with UM as of 9.7

deliver is still not i guess!