How can I invoke a flow service with a string list input from a DSP

I’m trying to do this since yesterday… and it’s getting under my skin Tell me please!!!

hi filipe,

Even I have tried doing that and it had almost got on my nerves :slight_smile:

I do not know whether there is a better approach. But this is what I did.

I submitted my DSP page with all the string entities as hidden fields named as “string0”, “string1”, “string2”, and so on. I also had a hidden parameter holding number of strings submitted named as “stringCount”. The action of this DSP page is set to another DSP page from which a java service is invoked. All your submitted fields are available in the pipeline. Generate vairable names (as “string0”, “string1”, “string2”, and so on) in your java service by making use of the “stringCount”. Access all these variables from the pipeline and generate a string list out of them, which can subsequently be reused.

I hope this serves your purpose. Please let me know if you get to know a better solution to this.


The token’s approach seems to be easy enough to implement (it will solve my problem, thanks!). However I’m not yet convinced that the ‘scope’ hasn’t a role to play in all this!!!